Welcome to the DFS Managed Account Service

The DFSMA is designed to provide investors with increased portfolio transparency and enhanced tax management capabilities, which are anchored through the investment discipline and expertise of the DFS Investment Team. The DFSMA provides efficient access to up-to date financial information.

This allows you (and your adviser) to better focus on strategic advice to enhance your family’s wealth and more importantly, achieve the lifestyle you desire. The DFSMA Investment Models are constructed using a proprietary approach that ranks the quality, consistency and efficiency of returns generated by each investment manager to build optimised portfolios.

Investing via a DFSMA account provides you with access to the entire range of Models offered and maintained by DFS, which can be tailored (with the assistance of your adviser) to suit your personal circumstances. We look forward to establishing a strong relationship with you by providing a legitimate and ongoing value oriented service that aims to enhance your overall wealth position.